As experts in our field, we can support you in your project from the first sketches to the commissioning of new heat production facilities and the energy optimisation of their operation.

Our services :

  • Air-water heat pumps or geothermal probes
  • Wood-fired heating
  • District heating
  • Use of waste heat
  • Heat-power coupling

Global design of energy infrastructures

By mastering all stages of a project, from design to execution to commissioning, we guarantee results that meet your expectations. We take into account the environment and the various long-term impacts.

We seek to reconcile architectural constraints with a technical installation concept that is as simple and efficient as possible.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Our engineers assess the needs and propose solutions that ensure the desired comfort conditions while conserving resources.

It is important to keep a room well ventilated. This allows for better oxygenation of the space. Ventilation allows indirect communication between the interior and exterior of the building.

The treatment of air and its transport in a closed environment has become an increasingly common practice, especially in buildings with the Minergie label.

Controlled ventilation is used to ventilate your building without losing heat in winter or coolness in summer.


We can advise you on all aspects of sanitation. From sanitation, heat recovery, air evacuation, drinking water and waste water distribution, sewage treatment plants, piping, water treatment systems and for all types of buildings; public, residential or private.


Home automation

Like the improvements provided for cars, home automation makes it possible to make buildings more intelligent. Home automation for the general public is booming. New technologies allow anyone to equip their home with home automation, as the costs of acquisition and start-up are within everyone’s reach. Home automation is no longer reserved for an elite. It can reach a much larger audience and thus offers new opportunities. Home automation can condition the lighting and heating of a room, or the switching on of certain appliances to the presence or absence of an occupant and thus reduce the consumption of a building.